European Strawberry season has been started!


These days fresh strawberries are being sold at many supremarkets in Germany.


According to the Farmer associatiation "Deutscher Bauernverband", German's local strawberries are in season April through August.

f:id:vanillesesam:20170402014314j:imagesource:DBV "Saisonkalender für heimische Obst und Gemüse",, Accessed April 1 2017.


This time, I got a lot of spanish strawberries, but it costs only 3,49 euro.


See! so fresh and big strawberries!!


I cannot imagine getting this amount of strawberries with this price in Japan, because fresh fruits are very expensive in Japan.


Japanese strawberries are also popular in Asian,such as Hong Kong, Taiwan Singapure and Thailand. Espacially Hong Kong is the largest export market for Japanese strawberries.


Anyway, Japanese Strawberries are high quality fruits, and that's why we are not able to eat Japanese strawberries like we want. (I normally share a packege of strawberries with my family, so I get only 3 or 4 strawberries!!)


Since I have moved in Germany, I feel like living in a fruit paradise.

I can eat strawberries as much as I want, I can make berries smoothies, what a wonderful life.


I guess you might not understand why I am so impressed by european strawberries, but please visit Japan and check the price at suparmarket.


You will see the reason by yourself.


See you then!