Review of first three months blogging


It's been three months since I started blogging.


I am not able to publish an article regularly due to my hard workload at work, but at least over 30 articles have been published for last three months.


It must be a good chance to look back first three months of my blog and think about merits of blogging.

Write things out and keep my memory

Somehow I have extremely absend minded these days and can't remember the  things.

I really need to remember something, but difficult...

I think that blog must be a good idea for reminding me what I have done before.


As you write more, you become a good writer

Since I am a blogging newbi, I knew nothing about blog. So I started reading some articles written by one of the most inspirational bloggers for blogging newbis, Mr. "pojiguma" and decided to write quality 1000 words web article regularly. 



In the beginning, I couldn't write 1000 words article but only 800 words.


Oh my godness, it's more difficult to write 1000 words article than I expected. 


However, as I tried writing articles, gradually I was  able to write good quality 1000 words article.


Nowadays I work for a German company and also work as a web content writer in my spare time.


Blog gave me an opportunity to work as a web content writer.


I really enjoy blogging because I enjoy being free to write an article.


Blogging is just fun!



Btw, I had sushi for lunch today!

Sushi is also popular in Germany :) 



See you.