Do you know Emergency contact numbers in Germany?


  "Oh my god...where is my purse?"

I notice that my purse was not in my bag when I was working at the Office.

I tried to remember what I was doing yesterday, and I finally found my purse in the anohter shopping bag which I had yesterday!




If you get in trouble abroad…Do you know where to call?

If you have lost your purse abroad, do you know what to do?

In my case, there is not only Money but also a credit card, bank cards, the residence permit etc... 

My friend has stolen her purse in Paris, and another friend has lost her bag in Berlin.


Therefore, you need to know how to contact  police, an ambulance, or even the fire department just in case you’re in an emergency situation in Germany

Here’s a list of emergency contact numbers in Germany.

Becasue it's too late to start researching it after something happen.

Hopefully you won’t need to use them, but it’s worth knowing the number just in case.



Useful List of Emergency contact numbers in Germany

So, in which case you have to use emergency numbers?

The following situations might need to use those numbers.


Situation1: Call an Ambulance 

In case of emergency, such as fire, care accident, police or medical emergencies, you can call at "112".

Almost all European countries  are covered by this emergency help line "112".


Situation2:Block Lost Credit Card

If you have lost your credit cards, first things first, it's better to block them.

In Germany, "116 116" is the Hotline for blocking credit cards immediately.


You can also use this number to block your EC Card(Giro Card).

In addition, notifying the police is also recommended afterwards.


Situation3:Find a doctor if your Hausarzt have closed

In Germany you can go to a doctor (Hausarzt) if you are sick.

However, If you become sick on the weekend or at night, and your Hausarzt is not available, then you can call at "116 117".


Situation4:Call the Police

If you need to call the police, "110" is the Hotline for it.

My German colleague has called the police when young people were shouting outside at midnight.


More information can be found at the following link.

Notrufnummern für Deutschland: 110, 112 & Co. -


  1.  Call Ambulance, Firefighter, Rescue Servuce 「112」
  2. Brock Credit Card 「116 116」
  3. Go to a hospital urgently「116 117」
  4. Police「110」